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Shoring Installation

American Integrated Services provides shoring installation for remedial
excavation, utility installation, tank removals, and trench support. Our OSHA certified
foremen and operators have extensive experience with all types of shoring applications. From
planning to installation, AIS can provide site specific shoring solutions for all types of projects from
environmental excavations to underground storage tank removals.

Shoring Installation Services

Shoring Installation Services

For over 10 years AIS has been the number one provider of slide rail
shoring installation for environmental excavation in the State of California.
Our slide rail shoring solutions have helped our clients save valuable time and money.

AIS Shoring Installation services are perfect for:

  • Slide rail systems
  • Steel trench shields
  • Modular aluminum shields
  • Steel sheeting
  • Aluminum hydraulic shoring
  • Customized shoring solutions

Complete Installation, Oversight and Maintenance

Whether the project demands slide rail shoring, steel or aluminum trench shields, or hydraulic shoring, AIS has what you need to provide maximum safety on your project. AIS will provide complete installation, oversight and maintenance of your shoring system in accordance with our high standard of operating procedures.

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